Flora, fauna and climate

Flora: The nature in central Portugal is surprising and very varied with mountains, hills, plains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and lagoons. The soil, the climate and the altitude have a great influence on plant growth, and make it very diverse. Up to 900m there is a lot of cultivated land and Mediterranean looking. In the neighborhood we have cork, pine, chestnut and many fruit trees. The olive and grape groves are endless.

Fauna: wild pig, the mongoose, the genet, the fox, badger, otter,... Birds are plentiful: the hop, barn owl, dipper, quail, snake eagle, rock dove, red rock thrush, the magnificent bee-eater and many more.

Climate: Quinta da Estrela is at 400m altitude and has a Mediterranean climate. The night are often cooler, especially pleasant during the summer.

Each season has it charms. In spring the temperatures are between 20 and 25 degrees, perfect for walking in a green and flowery surrounding. During the summer, no rain, always sun, with an average daytime temperature of 30 degrees. On the heights of the Serra da Estrela you will find  the cooler mountain air. In our area also an abundance of water. The river Mondego, Zêzere and Dão origin in the Serra da Estrela. The river Mondego is the longest in the country and we are located at 2 km of it. The Indian summers are delightful: Untill October, fruit is still on the trees, and temperatures remains very pleasant. During winter you can ski on the Torre at an altitude of 1993m.