Surroundings & activities

Markets and village festivals:

Visit one of the many traditional markets (food, cheese, wool, leather, ...) or village festivals nearby: Feast of the donkeys, chestnuts, wine, for the kids,... In our region they have many reasons to party!

Vila Franca da Serra:

In our picturesque village you will find a communal bread oven and laundry places. Get lost in the small streets, enjoy the sheeps and have a drink at the bar of Elípio.

Lakes, waterfalls, rivers and "river beaches" (Praia fluvial):

There are many nice places for swimming in the area! Go to the beautiful big lakes and waterfalls in the Serra da Estrela or visit one of the many and lovely river beaches at the Mondego river (Ponta Nova, Ponte Juncais, Loriga, Sandomile, Ribamondego,...). There are also possibilities to kayak. 


The Serra da Estrela is the place to be for hiking! There are more than 375 km of marked hiking trails! Some of them departing from our Quinta (and along the Mondego river). More information in our folder "hiking in the neighborhood".


Highly recommended: Ecopista do Dão! Cycling in central Portugal along an abandoned railway line. More information:

The Serra da Estrela:

A visit to the Serra da Estrela connects you to nature and to tradition. It is the highest range of mountains in mainland Portugal. The beauty and diversity of the landscape, the abundance of springs and rara fauna and flora gave the area of 100.000 hectares the classification of protected nature reserve. The scenery in the Serra according to the altitude: the lower slopes are covered with forests and green pastures intended for sheep breeding and agriculture. Rocky higher parts are grown thinner and offer spectacular views of glacier valleys, lagoons and towering granite rock formations. Let nature surprise you!

There is much to see and much to do. You can still drink natural water sources and you can walk (there are more than 375 km marked hiking routes), trekking, parapointing and skiing during winter on the Torre.

The roads running through many of the isolated, historical villages that lie scattered in the Serra give you the opportunity to meet the heritage of the region and her gastronomic delights: the famous  "queijo da Serra" (ewe's milk cheese), smoked meats, trout and clothes of wool.

Historic castles and tows and UNESCO villages:

Linhares da Beira and Piodão are two well-preserved medieval villages on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and with a visit. The historically significant cities as Viseu and Coimbra offer beautiful sights, ancient universities, beautiful libraries, churches and cathedrals. Be sure to visit the castles in the fortified villages of Trancoso and Folgosinho! More information:


The Portugese cuisine is exquisite in its simplicity. The country has honest and delicious products, and you taste it! We can recommend several restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals at a very reasonable price!

Prehistoric sites:

Our region preserved a lot of megalithic tombs or dolmens. A dolmen is a megalithic stone room from prehistoric times. In popular parlance they called "Casas called Mouros" (houses of the Moors).

A day trip to the coast:

Our Quinta is located just a one hour's drive from the coast (Aveiro).