Who are we

We are Jan Brans and Ellen Seyssens  and we met each other in a bar in Ghent (Belgium). In 2010 we got married and in 2012 we got our fantastic son: Louwis.

We dreamed of an independent and exited life and running a small touristic project under the Portugese sun. The region had to be authentic and not yet trodden, inhabited by hospitable locals and nature had to be overwhelming. We were looking for a well-located and unique Quinta with an indescribable view, in a watery environment, a beautiful place where the holiday-homes could stand apart. We searched, found and bought "Quinta da Estrela" in January 2014. Despite the many risks it was love at first sight! And we are still grateful to the mayor and villagers of Vila Franca da Serra for welcoming us with open arms!

In April 2015 we received our touristic license -hurray!-, and we proudly opened our business with 2 holiday-homes. Louwis started kindergarden -again hurray:what a succes!

2016: We expanded with a third holiday-home with touristic license!

2017: Our beautiful daughter Lucie was born in Guarda and we finished our granite dream-house for the 4 of us! 

We run our Quinta passionately and with lots of pleasure. We live here as well, so we are always in the neighborhood, but respect your privacy!