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Saartje & Tim

Quinta da Estrela is run with great enthusiasm by Tim Wilssens and Saartje Brits

After a great career in logistics and human resources, we decided in 2019 to pursue our dreams to the fullest. Our shared love for discovering other cultures, exploring fascinating fauna and flora as well as embracing a new lifestyle as a couple, took us on an incredible journey.

Together, we have been fortunate to see the world in a way that few people will experience. The adventure began with opening the doors of our camper and the freedom to go where our hearts led us. With no set schedules, without hustle. Just us, the open road and endless possibilities for discovery. An intense and wonderful experience!

We explored the wilderness of Africa, with its legendary safari parks and traditional cultures. Discovered the hearty South America, with its impenetrable Amazon jungle and welcoming people. And we were marveled by the underwater beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Along the way, we enjoyed countless encounters with truly amazing people, each of whom contributed to how we stand in live today.

Along the way, we worked as a management couple in lodges and hotels in Central African Republic, Mozambique and Uganda. By running accommodations in these stunning yet challenging locations, we developed a wide range of skills. The building blocks of our future entrepreneurial dreams were laid!

After all our adventures, we found our home in Portugal in 2023. Quinta da Estrela, with its vast views and laid-back charm, captured our hearts. Here, we make our dream come true and seize the opportunity to develop sustainable tourism in an eco-friendly setting. A fantastic challenge!

We look forward to your arrival and are ready to give you an unforgettable vacation!


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