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Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms Quinta da Estrela – as of 01-11-2023

1 Tenant and Landlord

1.1 Quinta da Estrela is a licensed holiday accommodation with licenses 58701/AL, 125018/AL, and 4924/CC. Contact information: Tim Wilssens and Saartje Brits, Quinta da Estrela, Quinta das Fontainhas, Seixas, 6290-621 Vila Franca da Serra, Portugal.

1.2 These terms and conditions apply to all closed rental agreements for any of the accommodations at Quinta da Estrela, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.3 The term “tenant” refers to the person who made the booking and any co-tenants. All persons staying with the landlord must be listed by the main tenant at the time of booking.

2 Arrival and Departure

2.1 During peak season the fixed arrival and departure day is Saturday, subject to availability.

2.2 Outside peak season arrival and departure days are flexible, subject to availability.

2.3 On the day of arrival, the accommodation is available from 4:00 PM.

2.4 On the day of departure, you must vacate the accommodation by 10:00 AM.

2.5 Early arrival or late departure may be possible by arrangement and subject to availability.

2.6 If the accommodation is not available for early arrival or late departure, you are welcome to use the facilities such as the pool and bar.

3 Rental Price

3.1 The rental price is per accommodation per night based on 4 people.

3.2 The rental price includes water, electricity, WIFI, and excludes final cleaning.

3.3 The use of bed linen, bath, and kitchen linen is included in the price.

3.4 Quinta da Estrela has a washing machine for general use. Its use must be arranged in advance with the landlord and costs €5 per load. Detergent is included in the price.

4 Rental Period

4.1 There is a minimum rental period of 2 nights outside peak season.

4.2 There is a minimum rental period of 7 nights during peak season. The rental period is per week with changeover on Saturday.

4.3 The maximum rental period is 6 months.

4.4 Peak season includes the months of June, July, August, and September.

5 Cleaning

5.1 The final cleaning fee of €40 is not included in the rental price.

5.2 For stays of 2 weeks or longer, the entire accommodation is lightly cleaned and bed, bath, and kitchen linen are changed after each full week.

5.3 Extra interim deep cleaning is possible for €25 each time and does not include linen change.

5.4 Extra interim bath and kitchen linen change is possible for €5 each time.

5.5 Extra interim bed linen change is possible for €5 each time.

5.6 Upon departure, the tenant is expected to leave the apartment tidy, with dishes done, and trash bins emptied.

6 Booking and Payment

6.1 Reservations can be made online via the website.

6.2 The reservation will be confirmed by the landlord by email within 24 hours.

6.3 The reservation is final upon receipt of the deposit. The deposit must be paid within 7 days of reservation confirmation and amounts to 50% of the total rental amount.

6.4 The remaining payment must be made no later than two months before the arrival date.

6.5 If the reservation is made within two months of the arrival date, the deposit and the remaining amount must be paid at once.

6.6 If the deposit is not paid within the agreed period, the landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

6.7 Once the tenant has paid the deposit to the landlord, the reservation is final, and the cancellation conditions mentioned in these terms and conditions apply.

7 Tenants, Guests, and Pets

7.1 There are 3 accommodations available for rent: Casa Rincon, Casa Pipa and Casa Pemba. The maximum occupancy is four people per accommodation, except for Casa Rincon, where up to five people can stay.

7.2 The accommodation is only accessible to the tenant and other members of the travel party, provided they have been indicated by the tenant at the time of booking.

7.3 With prior confirmation from the landlord, the tenant may receive outside guests during the day, provided they do not cause disturbance to other tenants. The tenant is responsible for the behavior and any disturbance caused by their guests.

7.4 If the tenant and/or guests cause disturbance (as determined by the landlord), they may be denied access to the property immediately.

7.5 Pets are allowed by request and upon written confirmation from the landlord at a rate of €50 per pet per booking, and for long-term (winter) stays, at a rate of €50 per month. Pets must be leashed at all times on the property.

7.6 If it is found that conditions 7.1 to 7.5 are not met, the landlord reserves the right to deny the tenant access to Quinta da Estrela immediately. This will be considered a cancellation with no refund.

8 Smoking, Barbecue, and Open Fire

8.1 Smoking is prohibited in all accommodations. Smoking is only allowed on the terrace belonging to the tenant’s residence. The tenant must inform the landlord so that an ashtray can be provided. The tenant must use the ashtray at all times. Smoking in the garden is prohibited, except in areas designated by the landlord.

8.2 The use of a barbecue is only allowed at the tenant’s own accommodation or at the communal barbecue area.

8.3 Making open fires (including the use of candles inside and outside the house) is prohibited.

8.4 If it is found that conditions 8.1 to 8.3 are not met, the landlord reserves the right to deny the tenant access to Quinta da Estrela immediately. This will be considered a cancellation with no refund.

9 Guarantees

9.1 The landlord guarantees that the accommodation is well-maintained at the start of the rental and meets the tenant’s expectations for a holiday home.

9.2 The tenant guarantees that the house is only used for vacation purposes.

If it is found that the tenant has used the accommodation for purposes other than vacation without the landlord’s knowledge, the landlord is entitled to terminate the rental agreement immediately, subject to a fine of €10,000.

9.3 The tenant guarantees that the house is only used by the tenant and co-tenants and is not sublet. The number of guests must remain limited to the number of people indicated at the time of booking. If this number is exceeded, the tenant is obliged to inform the landlord, who may take appropriate measures.

10 Liability

10.1 During the stay at Quinta da Estrela, the tenant is liable for the accommodation, furnishings, and all items belonging to the rented property. The landlord may request a deposit. Any damage caused by the tenant or co-tenants or any existing defects must be reported to the landlord immediately. The property will be inspected as soon as possible after the tenant’s departure. If the property is approved, any deposit paid will be refunded. In case of identified deficiencies, these will be offset against the deposit, if any. If no deposit has been paid, the landlord has the right to charge the tenant for any damage.

10.2 The landlord is not liable for loss, theft, and/or (injury) damage caused to or by tenants of Quinta da Estrela.

10.3 Tenants are requested to provide adequate supervision for their children, both indoors and outdoors, especially in common areas and in and around the pool, to ensure that they do not disturb the peace for other guests.

10.4 The landlord is not liable for damage caused by natural disasters, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, violence, and other external factors.

10.5 The landlord is not liable or responsible for damage, loss, or changes resulting from factors beyond his control.

10.6 Quinta da Estrela is a renovated old farmhouse according to modern standards. There are differences in levels (e.g., sloping terrain, steps, and steps) inside and outside the property, resulting from the location and original construction. The tenant is aware of this, and the landlord is not liable for any damage caused by the circumstances associated with the location.

10.7 The landlord has the right to cancel a reservation at any time if circumstances beyond the owner’s control require or necessitate this. In such a case, the landlord is only obliged to refund the amount paid (part of the) rent by the tenant.

10.8 It may happen that construction work, road works, or other activities take place near the house. The landlord is not liable for any inconvenience or damage resulting from this. The landlord will inform the tenant in a timely manner if this is known and possible.

11 Cancellation Policy

11.1 Cancellation must be submitted in writing via the contact form on the website.

11.2 In the event of cancellation by the tenant, the owner is entitled to the following compensation:

– Up to 8 weeks before the arrival date: 50% of the total rental amount. The tenant can also choose to reschedule their stay once at no cost.

– Within 8 weeks to 4 weeks before the arrival date: 75% of the total rental amount. The tenant can also choose to reschedule their stay at a cost of 15%.

– Within 4 weeks before the arrival date: 100% of the total rental amount. The tenant can also choose to reschedule their stay at a cost of 25%.

11.3 The tenant is responsible for taking out travel and cancellation insurance. In the event of cancellation, we will provide an official invoice that can be submitted to your insurer.

11.4 Covid-19 compensation scheme: if there is a travel ban or entry restrictions for Portugal from the tenant’s country of origin, making it impossible to reach the accommodation, the tenant will receive compensation in the form of a voucher for the amount already paid. The voucher is valid for up to 2 years from the date of issue.

11.5 The cancellation conditions mentioned in 11.1 to 11.4 are only valid for bookings made through Quinta da Estrela’s own website www.quintadaestrela.com or as otherwise agreed directly with Quinta da Estrela. Bookings made through other platforms are subject to their applicable cancellation policies.

12 Noise and Disturbance

12.1 Music and any other sound produced must be at room volume or played using headphones or earplugs to avoid causing noise disturbance to other guests and are prohibited from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM (unless otherwise agreed with the owners). We ask guests to be especially considerate of noise on terraces, in the garden, by the pool, and at the bar.

12.2 Playing music in the garden or around the pool, without the use of headphones or earplugs, is prohibited to maintain peace for other guests.

12.3 The use of (foot)balls is prohibited around the pool and in the bar.

13 Privacy

We handle provided data confidentially and use it solely for our own administration and business operations.

14 Complaints

14.1 It is appreciated if you discuss any complaints directly with the landlord, preferably as soon as possible, so that the landlord can address the complaints, if possible.

14.2 A complaints book is available at the accommodation. Quinta da Estrela also has an online electronic complaints book with reference 55202 (Livro de reclamações electrónico), which is required by the state. If the tenant has a complaint, it can be reported via https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio.

15 Agreement

The tenant is deemed to have read and understood these and the above-mentioned terms and conditions. By making a reservation, the tenant agrees to these and the above-mentioned terms and conditions.


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