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Car rental​

At Quinta da Estrela, you can have a good time on our property, by the pool or in the immediate surroundings. Nevertheless, we advise our guests to consider a rental car so you can enjoy all the beauty Portugal has to offer even more. With a rental car, you can explore the surroundings of Serra da Estrela, visit various villages and towns or visit a coastal town. A rental car offers the freedom to go wherever you want and explore all the country's beautiful places at your own pace.

Our partner for car rental in Portugal is Sunny Cars. They have a transparent all-inclusive formula, so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs or forgotten insurances. Everything is pre-arranged, so you can enjoy your holiday carefree.

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Grocery shopping service

Enjoy extra convenience with our shopping service!
No need to worry about lugging heavy bags or searching for the nearest supermarket. Upon arrival at Quinta da Estrela, you can be sure your fridge and pantry will be well stocked so you can relax and enjoy your holiday straight away.
When making your reservation, you can indicate if you would like to use this service. You will then receive a list from us of the available items you can order.
This convenient service is offered at a cost of 20€ per shopping list.

Bakery service

You can place your daily bread order for next morning delivery, ensuring fresh bread at your doorstep every day. A list of available items, including prices, will be provided at the Quinta.

Fruit and vegetable service

During the high season, a local vegetable vendor visits the Quinta once a week, allowing customers to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits directly on-site. Enjoy the convenience of farm-fresh produce during your stay!

Dinner nights

During the high season, we'll host a variety of dinner nights at Quinta de Estrela, including pizza nights, barbecues, and more. Advance notifications and sign-up options will be available for our guests, along with on-site pricing for your convenience. Join us for a delightful culinary experience!

Baby package

Traveling with babies requires extra preparation, and we're here to assist you at Quinta de Estrela. We offer baby cots, baby chairs and potty seats to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. When making your reservation, you can specify if you would like to use this service.
The baby package is free of charge.

Babysitting service

Would you like to enjoy a night out without the kids during your stay? We've got you covered! We can arrange a babysitter for you. The babysitter will come to Quinta da Estrela and look after your children in your accommodation until you return. Please note that this service is available upon request and subject to availability.
The babysitting service is charged at an hourly rate of €8 per started hour.

Laundry service

Who doesn't like clean clothes? Quinta da Estrela offers a washing machine for general use. Its use must be arranged in advance and comes at a cost of €5 per load, including detergent. Please note that Casa Rincon features its own private washing machine.

Flight tickets

When planning your trip and searching for the best deals on flights, Skyscanner is a convenient resource to get an overview of available dates and prices. You can easily compare various options and find the most suitable flights for your travel itinerary.
Although Skyscanner is an excellent tool to kickstart your search, we recommend booking directly with the airline. This can come with advantages such as more efficient customer service or special offers/benefits that are available directly through the airline.
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Airport shuttle

Would you like transport to and from the airport? We can transport 4 people in our car with accompanying luggage. Please note that this service is available upon request and subject to availability.
The airport shuttle is charged per trip, price upon request.

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